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Welcome to the 10th Table Hockey World Championships in Moscow!

   nce in two years the worlds top table hockey players get together for the world championships, the major tournament in the system of the International Table Hockey Federation (ITHF). It will be for the first time next year that Moscow will be the venue of this great event. The Organizing Committee of the 2007 World Championships and the Russian Table Hockey Federation (RTHF) thank representatives of the national federations, the ITHF members, for their choice of Moscow at the 2005 conference in Riga and are very glad that Russian capital will host the 10th jubilee world championships.    An important step towards unveiling the 2007 table hockey world championships will be its presentation to journalists during the Ice Hockey World Championships to be also held in Moscow in April-May 2007.
   We hope that the World Championships in Moscow will become the most exciting and the largest ever (in the number of the players, prize amount and attention of media and public) international table hockey tournament and will bring only good emotions, impressions and memories to all those to turn out. We believe that the 2007 World Championships will open a new stage in the history of international table hockey and will give further impetus to the progress of this sport.
The RTHF representatives and the Sportmaster company, the general partner of the Federation and the World Championships, have developed a special design of the Stiga play-off games for the event. Each of the players will get a chance to buy such game as a unique souvenir after the tournament is over.
   The Organizing Committee of the 2007 World Championships and the RTHF hope not only to create as easy atmosphere of competition as possible for international players and national teams of all countries but also acquaint the participants in the championships with Moscow, the largest European megapolis that has undergone striking changes in the past fifteen years.

   The official web site of the 10th world championships will be the place to come for the latest news on preparations for the tournament and join live broadcasts of the competitions during the championships. It will also feature detailed current news and press coverage of the 2007 World Championships. The visitors to the site will be invited to take part in interactive voting on a diversity of issues and register themselves as the participants in the championships. The site will also include a forum where you will be welcome to a free discussion of anything regarding the world championships and ask the organizers any kinds of questions.
              Use a special interactive Stiga play-off game on the sites main page to travel through the site.

   The Organizing Committee of the 2007 World Championships ask all national table hockey federations to confirm the number of the players in their respective teams by 30 March 2007 and send in the official application giving the names of their team members and the breakdown of the players by categories of competitions by 15 May 2007. We need this to be able to organize the tournament in the best way possible.

Who will win on WCh-2007 the open category?
Hans Osterman (Swe)
Daniel Walien (Swe)
Alexey Zakharov (Russia)
Yanis Galuzo (Russia)
Roni Nuttunen (Fin)
Kristian Iso-Tryykari (Fin)
Edgars Caics (Lat)
Lukas Turon (Cze)
Other player
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Dear players and table hockey lovers of all countries! We are looking forward to seeing you in Russia for the 10th Moscow world championships! The Organizing Committee of the 2007 World Championships will also create the best conditions for the spectators to watch the most important games of the worlds top table hockey players!
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